This is the official page for the effort to ‘audit’ the 2020 election results in Clark County, WI.

Clark County, WI is located about in the middle of the state of Wisconsin.  About 15,000 people voted in the 2020 presidential election.  Officially, Donald Trump received 10,002 votes and Biden received 4,525 votes.

If Trump won so convincingly, why the need to re-count the votes?

  • About 67% of the county voted for Trump and other Republican candidates.  There is tremendous distrust of the agencies which are supposed to maintain the integrity of our elections, especially at the State and Federal level.   There is almost nothing we can do about what the US Supreme Court does, or how other states manage their own elections, and can barely influence what happens in our own state.  What we can do is make darn well sure our own house is in order.

There is grave suspicion in the various machines that are used to conduct the election.  The only way to alleviate that suspicion is to count the ballots by hand and see if it matches what was transmitted to the county.  Even a minor discrepancy could have significant implications.  Trump allegedly lost the state by only 20,682 votes.  59 counties voted for Trump.    All you would have to do is skim off 350 votes from each of those counties to change the outcome of the election.  That is only about 3% of Trump’s reported votes in Clark County.  In other words, precisely because Trump won the county so decisively, a relatively small number of votes taken away wouldn’t be missed.

  • Another area of concern is the absentee ballots.   According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission (so take this with a grain of salt) Clark County had 3,492 absentee ballots cast.   Of these, 694 were ‘indefinitely confined.’  The Wisconsin Supreme Court has already ruled that the ‘indefinitely confined’ process was abused, without, naturally, applying a remedy (so what’s the point?).   Once again, while the numbers are small relative to other parts of the state,  discrepancies could indicate problems in other counties, which could add up to much bigger numbers.

For example, according to the WEC, only 4.8% of voters voted by mail in 2016, while ten times that percentage did so in 2020, a whopping 40.8%!  While the coronavirus plausibly accounts for this, it does not account for the fact that in 2016, 1.4% of the absentee ballots were rejected whereas in 2020, despite having hundreds of thousands more ballots cast absentee, the rejection rate was only 0.2%.

In fact, the average rejection rate of the 5 previous elections was 1.64%.  It is a little hard to take the 0.2% number on its face, especially since the rejection rate in the April election, which also was conducted during the pandemic and had an abnormally high number of absentee ballots, had a 1.8% rejection rate.  (And many of us are now suspicious of that Nov 2018 election, too.)

For perspective, a 1.2% difference in spread between the 1.4% rejection rate and the 0.2% rejection rate represents more than 13,000 votes.  Remember, Trump allegedly lost by only about 20,000.

  • Furthermore, there is the discrepancy between the ‘indefinitely confined’ figures.  In 2016, only 66,611 voted this way, whereas in 2020 it was four times more, 265,979!

Once again, the coronavirus offers some plausibility to this massive jump (rulings by Wisconsin’s Supreme Court notwithstanding), but the elephant in the room with ‘indefinitely confined’ voting is that it does not require providing a photo ID!  According to the WEC, 20.4% of the indefinitely confined voters in 2020 did not “have a photo ID on file or have otherwise previously presented photo ID to vote in a recent election.”

20.4% of 265,979 is about 53,000 people who did not provide identification before casting their ballot!

Reminder:  Trump only lost (if he lost) by about 20,000 votes.  The number of people who voted in the 2020 election without providing identification is more than twice that amount!

For these and other reasons, Clark County’s Republican Party believes it is critically necessary to validate the election results within its county.  If not them, who?


There is an expense involved in verifying the election.  Your contribution will enable us to do the job, and do it right.

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(WEC source is D. November 2020 Election Data Report.pdf dated February 3, 2021.)