Republican Party of Clark County, WI Announces Recount Results

Republicans in Clark County, Wisconsin, Announce County ‘Recount’ Results

August 30, 2021

Neillsville, WI.

On August 25th and 26th the Republican Party of Clark County Wisconsin closely observed a ‘recount’ of the 2020 election which they commissioned and was carried out by the County Clerk. Members of the Executive boards of both the Clark County Republicans and Democrats were witnesses.

Over the course of two days, all of the ballots from all of the voting precincts in the counties were counted and compared to the official results. The process was limited only to this effort, and did not even attempt to authenticate absentee ballots or examine the issue of the ‘indefinitely confined’ voters, which has created so much consternation both within and without the state of Wisconsin.

Issues such as these would be settled by what is being termed as a ‘forensic audit.’ The Clark County Republican Party passed a resolution earlier in the month calling for a state-wide ‘forensic audit and looks forward to it being carried out.

For perspective, there were 3,492 votes cast by mail in the county in the 2020 election, 694 of which were ‘indefinitely confined.’ According to the Wisconsin state government, 20.4% of ‘indefinitely confined’ voters did not provide ID before casting a ballot in the 2020 election. This, combined with concerns about the integrity of how the election was administered elsewhere in the state, explains why many voters in Clark County and elsewhere are skeptical about the 2020 election results in Wisconsin.

The Clark County Republican Party earnestly hopes that these issues are addressed head on and resolved before the next election, as confidence in our election results is an essential element of keeping our republic healthy.

All that said, the ‘recount’ carried out on August 25th and 26th reasonably establishes that the various voting precincts in Clark County, Wisconsin did faithfully and accurately convey the tallies of the ballots that was in the official report. In the vast majority of the approximately 50 voting precincts in the county, there existed an actual ballot consistent with each of the votes reported for Trump, Biden, and the other presidential candidates.

In short, the various voting precincts of Clark County Wisconsin accurately and competently administered the 2020 election.

As one might expect, given the level of scrutiny applied, there were some very minor discrepancies identified, some of which were due to individual voters casting ambiguous ballots, and occasionally some ‘clerical’ errors. The Republican Party of Clark County Wisconsin is confident that these did not materially impact the outcome of the county election and likewise confident that these instances will be used to further educate poll workers and voters themselves.

It has been said by some that given the fact that Trump won the 2020 election in the county by a 2 to 1 majority, there was no sense in ‘recounting’ the ballots. To the contrary, the Clark County Republicans believe that it is time for citizens to put into action Reagan’s maxim, “Trust, but verify.” On top of that, with so much suspicion surrounding the results elsewhere in the state and in other states, which the citizens of Clark County are powerless to do anything about, we can at least do what we can, which is to ensure that our own house is in order.

While conceding that there were important limits on what this ‘recount’ could show and not show, the Clark County Republicans are glad to report that this part of the house, at least, is in order.

The Republican Party of Clark County, Wisconsin, eagerly awaits the thorough reckoning that is due elsewhere in the state. After all, we all know (don’t we?) where the biggest problems lie: chiefly in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Madison.


 Effort Under Way to Audit Election Results in Central Wisconsin County

Clark County Republican Party of Wisconsin

Chairperson Rose LaBarbera

PO Box 183

Neillsville, WI 54456


 Effort Under Way to Audit Election Results in Central Wisconsin County

Press Release

Clark County, WI June 7, 2021.  Suspicion and doubts about the ‘official’ results of the 2020 election permeate the entire country. All voters in Clark County deserve verification that our election was free of irregularities. The Republican Party of Clark County Wisconsin has concluded that the only way to vindicate the results in their own county is to count the votes again.  To that end, they have initiated the process to do just that. The cost of the recount will be over $1,000 and the recount will begin once all of the funds have been raised. To donate, please mail a check to: RPCC, PO Box 183, Neillsville, WI 54456.

County Republican Chairperson, Rose LaBarbera, acknowledges that Trump won the county handily, but says that many people do not trust the machines.  “That is why we’re going to do a hand recount.  In theory, the results of the hand recount will exactly match the numbers the machines spat out.  There is only one way to find out, and that’s to count them.”

LaBarbera points out that even a small discrepancy could have significant implications.  “If Trump lost, it was only by 20,000 votes.  A couple of hundred votes siphoned away from all the Trump counties wouldn’t be missed but could really add up.”

There are reports of one machine in the county requiring several attempts before the ballot results matched what the voter intended.

“We actually hope to find no problems with the vote count.  That would be a great outcome,” LaBarbera said.  “The recount will confirm the outcome.  We can’t control what happens in other areas of the country, or in Madison or Milwaukee, but we can make sure our own house is in order.  We urge other counties in Wisconsin to do the same.”

A website has been established to provide updates on the audit effort, at

“This is going to be a big project and require some financial investment.  We hope that people will stand with us as we put into practice Reagan’s principle of ‘Trust but verify.’ They can start by going to our website and seeing how they can help,” LaBarbera said.

For more information contact Rose LaBarbera.